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Qazoo is a Yahoo! instant messenger client for the Embedded Linux platform.  that means it should work with Sharp Zarus, Open Zaurus, Familiar.  Pretty much anything running Opie or Qtopia on a Strong-Arm processor.

I would still rate this project as beta.  It has come a long way!

It does a lot of the things you would want to do from Yahoo! Messenger:
  • Chat with Buddies.
  • Makes noise (wav files or buzzer) when:
    • New Mail
    • Message Arrives
    • BUZZ!
  • Custom Sound Files.
  • Emoticons.
  • Displays text color, bold and italics text.
  • Add Groups
  • Add Buddies
  • Save Chat Log
  • Blinks mail light when there is new mail.
  • Changing status including custom status
  • Chatting using text codecs other than latin1 (eg ShiftJIS).
  • Alternate Yahoo! Messenger Servers.

Along with Qazpp I also supply libyahoo2 built for SharpZaurus.  I provide this as a seperate release in case anybody wants to compete!

Also avialable at my Sourceforge site for Qazoo is an arm build of Expat.  That is what Qazoo uses to read configuration files in XML format.

Has an optional sound file download which has pretty sounds for those of you with built-in speakers.

Qazoo was written by Dave Cameron while procrastinating on his job search.  I have found work.  Do feel free to contact me if you have something you think I would find interesting.  :)

Real downloads and source code are available here:

Inquiries: Dave Cameron

Qazoo is not endorsed by or affiliated with Yahoo! in any way.
However the author would like to thank the folks over at Yahoo! for creating a product which enriches his life in so many unexpected ways! Logo