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Friday July 16, 2004
The new Qazoo with latest libyahoo2 from CVS is available.   North American Qazoo users are reporting success connecting and chatting with the new release. If you look in CVS you will notice more files and changes not necesary for this to happen.  I have also been converting the code so it will build with standard QT under linux.  I have config files which will produce a working x86 linux Qazoo.

Tuesday February 2, 2004
Happy New Year!  And I have Qazoo 0.8 along with libyahoo2-0.7.4 ready for download.  The new libyahoo2 fixes the ability to connect to Yahoo! North America.  The new Qazoo fixes interactions with libyahoo2 to provide a stable release.  Funny how that works!

Saturday November 15, 2003
Version 0.7 is now ready for download.  This release adds sound support.  Currently Qazoo will play sounds for new mail, message received and buzz.  You can use default Qazoo sounds or choose your own from the properties page.  Also added support of display of colors, italics and bold to the message display area.  Qazoo tries to display underline but the Zaurus doesn't show it.  A flaw in the file save dialog was fixed so it only overwrites files it should.  The qazoo sounds are in their own download package so you can optionally install them.  They are quite large but sound pretty!

Sunday October 26, 2003
Version 0.6 is ready for download!  This release refines some fo the older features and adds some new.  Qazoo now has a status bar that it uses for many notifications.  Qazoo no  longer pops up the message dialog for incoming messages.  It now makes a user selectable noise and tells you in the status bar which user just sent you a message.  Qazoo now tells you in the status bar when you get mail and makes a user selectable noise.  Qazoo also blinks the Mail LED when you get a mail.  You can turn it off using the Clear Mail Notification menu option.  You can now BUZZ contacts.  In addition contacts can buzz you.  When you get BUZZED qazoo will tell you in the status bar and play a user selectable noise.  Qazoo also features a Hide Offline option which will hide offline users.  You can still receive messages from users who look offline.

Friday October 17, 2003
Version 0.5 is ready for download!  My new, good friend Masaya Kobayashi has been testing Qazoo with Yahoo!JAPAN chatting in Japanese.  This release does not connect reliably when set to talk with Yahoo!JAPAN.  It can tell when it hasn't connected.  See the release notes for info on connecting it to Yahoo!JAPAN servers.  You need ShiftJIS codec support on your Qtopia in order to chat in the japanese language.  This carries forward the emoticon support from the last release.

Sunday September 21, 2003
Version 0.2 is ready for download.  Come and get it!

Friday September 12, 2003
Just putting this site together.  I guess the news is I'm putting this site up.  I even have a releasable version of Qazoo to put out for download.  Need to make up some screenshots though.

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