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Qazoo Related Links
Can find the sourceforge project page here:

This is the Japanese language home of Qazoo:

This project would not have been possible without libyahoo2:

Another site I referred to frequently while building this application was the Trolltech developers area where they have generously provided a wide range of free tutorials and on-line documentation for the Qtopia programming environment:.

I should also mention the ipkg tutorial that I found so useful while working out how to create the installation package

And I would like to mention Kmerlin whose source code I peeked at on more than one ocastion to get ideas about how to accomplish the things I wanted to do.

And if you don't like Qazoo but are looking for something that can do Yahoo! messenger.  Bugger off!  No really, I did run across a very under promoted Gaim for Qtopia.  While Gaim is not my cup of tea, many seem to like it.

The graphics on these pages were created using the webpage theme from The GIMP.

I found the sounds used for Qazoo at  Don't you think these sounds are cool!?

Inquiries: Dave Cameron

Qazoo is not endorsed by or affiliated with Yahoo! in any way.
However the author would like to thank the folks over at Yahoo! for creating a product which enriches his life in so many unexpected ways! Logo