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Qazoo Screen Shots
Qazoo Login
Here is the qazoo login screen.  It remembers who you logged in as and uses *s for your password.
qazoo logged in
Here is the contacts view.  Users who are download turn yellow.  That doesn't mean they are scared!  :p
chat view screenshot
Here is the new and improved (since first screenshots) chage view.  Notice the smiley.  Qazoo also displayes color, bold and italics text.  Somehow the widget won't display underlined text.
save log dialog
Here is the file save dialog.  It lets you choose a file to overwrite or make a new one anywhere you want on your zaurus.
The Q Menu
Here is the Q shows you can disconnect, clear the mail notification and modify properties via a nice dialog box.  Notice that it allow syou to disconnect.  You can reconnect as somebody elese.
qazoo contact menu
Here is the Contact menu.  Lots of options now!  You can save logs, BUZZ, hide offline buddies, add/remove buddies, add buddies and close chat windows from here.
qazoo status menu
Here is what is available under the status menu.  It even supports custom status messages.
qazoo adding budy
Here is the Add Budy Dialog Box...pretty basic but functional
add group screenshot
Here is the Add Group dialog.
sound properties screenshot
Here is the sound properties available.  Empty uses the default sounds if they have been installed.  You can alternately use the buzzer if your handheld doesn't have an external speaker.
yahoo properties screenshot
Here are the yahoo properties.  This lets you reconfigure Qazoo to point at alternate Yahoo Messenger servers.  This currently has only been tested with Yahoo!JAPAN.  Could work for chinese or korean too.

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